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Application for Residence Permit​​​​​​​
All application for Residence Permit should be submitted to the Passport and Immigration Office.  Relevant information as well as the required documents to be submitted on application for the Residence Permit are available on the website o​f the Passp​ort ​and ​Immigration Office.​​​​​​

The basic informat​ion t​o be submitte​d when applying for a residence permit:​​​​​​

Name of applicant​;


Place and date of birth;

(iv) Gender;

(v) Passport number, place and date of issue;

Marital Status;


​Last place of permanent residence;

Period and purpose of stay;​​

(x) ​​Intended place of residence in Mauritius;

Name of local sponsor, if any;

Two recent passport size photographs of self and accompanying dependents; and

​Name and other particulars of dependents, if any, intending to accompany applicant.
​​Usual conditions attached to grant of residence permit are:​

applicant should hold a passport which is valid beyond the period of stay;

applicant should possess a return ticket (where applicable);

applicant should have evidence of sufficient financial means;

applicant is allowed to re-enter his country of origin; and

the residence permit may be cancelled at any time without any reasons being given.

​​Additional information/docume​ntary evidence to be forwarded along with application for residence permits and conditions attached to grant of permits are as follows:

To take ​up employment

Additional Information

Name of local employer;​

(ii) Post in which to be employed in Mauritius; and

Duration of contract/assignment.

Conditions attached to the residence permit for expatriate employees

​​A residence permit is issued to the corresponding period of the Work Permit;​

​​If no Work Permit is issued, applicant, if already in Mauritius, should leave the country;

​​The necessary deposits are made, where applicable; and

The dependents of the e​​xpatriates, except for those employed as skilled worker, may be allowed to stay in Mauritius on the strength of the residence and work permits provided documentary evidence of family relationship is produced and verified.

Relevant information regarding Residence Permit to stay in Mauritius as spouse of a citizen of Mauritius is available on the website of the Passport and Immigration Office:
​Male Spouse: Cl​​ick here​​
Female Spouse: ​Click here