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​The ​Ministry

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To contribute in building a modern and fair society, by upholding good governance principles and consolidating our democratic fundamentals​. ​



To be a dedicated service provider, using proactive, quality and customer-focused policies, administrative practices and emerging technologies, to protect the national and territorial integrity aiming at upgrading the day-to-day lives of the citizens of Mauritius.​


  • Ensure law and order, enhance national security and protect the country from terrorist attacks and other security threats ​
  • Consolidate democratic fundamentals​
  • ​Reinforce the governance and accountability structures to protect the rights of all individuals including human rights
  • Secure the borders of Mauritius, prevent abuse of immigration and citizenship laws and manage migration
  • Manage and rehabilitate offenders in order to protect and reduce offending and re-offending
  • Effective resolution of criminal cases through the provision of scientific evidence
  • Review salary and grading structures and conditions of service for an efficient and effective public service
  • Provide relevant, timely and objective information on Government policies, actions and projects to enhance public awareness​​