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The Immigration Act​​

​​The Immigration Act regulates the entry and stay of non-citiz​ens in Mauritius.
It makes provision for the grant of Residence Permit, Occupation Permit and Permanent Residence Permit for 10 years to non-citizens signifying their intention to reside in Mauritius.​


The Passports Act

​The Passports Act regulates the issuance of passports and visas.

The Passports R​egulations 1969 (as amended)

​​The Passports Regulations 1969 (as amended) are made under section 14 of the Passports Act and lay down the procedures for  the issuance of Republic of Mauritius Passports and Travel Documents, and the visa requirements for foreigners to enter for short in Mauritius.

The Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Act

​​The Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Act provides for non-citizens to  have either a work permit or a certificate of exemption allowing them to take up employment or to engage in gainful occupation in Mauritius.

The Deportation Act

​​​​The Deportation Act lays down the procedures for deportation of non-citizens.

Note: -  The internet version of these Acts is for information only.  The authoritative and up-to-date version is the one published in the Government Gazette of Mauritius​ ​​